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Product Overview:

If you’re still new to CBD for your dog or are simply finding us for the first time and want to try before you switch, Trial Packs are a great way to start! 

Presently, we’re offering four products.  

1) Original Hemp Meal – Each Trial Pack has twelve servings.  (A serving is a teaspoon and provides 8-10mg of quality CBD for your pet.)  Mix it in with their food once or twice daily.  

2) Soft Bites treats – Each Trial Pack contains a dozen of these wildly popular individual Soft Bites — each providing 5mg high quality, chicken liver flavored CBD. 

3) Chewable Tablets – Each Trial Pack has 12 tablets and each tablet is 10mg  — and are “scored” for easy halving if you have a small dog.

4) 450mg Flavorless Tincture – This 15ml 450mg bottle is a perfect way to try for any size dog.

5) Multi-flavor Biscuits.  This trial pack has twelve biscuits – each with 10mg CBD. For smaller dogs, they can be broken in half while for larger dogs can get a full biscuit)  Use them during the day as an added treat or to complement other CBD you’re giving your dog such as Smart Hemp CBD tincture, tablets or hemp meal.  Perfect when you take a walk or visit friends.  Now, along with Soft Bites, Smart Hemp CBD has you covered!

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1) Original Hemp Meal.

2) Soft Bites treats.

3) Chewable Tablets.

4) 450mg Flavorless Tincture.

5) Multi-flavor Biscuits.

Additional information

Products Trial Packs are available for: 1) Soft Bites; 2) Specialty Chewable Tablets (Everyday Health; Anti Pain/Inflammation; Anti-Anxiety/Relaxation); 3) Original Hemp Meal; 4) 15ml Tincture; 5) Multi-flavor Biscuits


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  • This product is intended for your pet only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consult your veterinarian if pet is already taking any prescriptions.
  • Follow Directions for Use
  • This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Nothing provided on this site is meant to be interpreted as medical advice for your pet.
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