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If you have or know Miniature Pinschers, than you know how highly strung they can be. Our Min-Pin’s name is Luda and the sound of fireworks makes him tremble uncontrollably. With the 4th of July just around the corner, my wife and I started looking for something that would help him calm down. In the past we'd tried Benadryl, a Thunder Coat, and even calming oils. They all helped in their own way, but nothing stopped the trembling. With medical marijuana so common these days, we started checking it out for pets. We found a product called Smart Hemp Soft Bites for Dogs. It’s grown organically and is THC free so we decided to give it a try. On July 2nd we began giving Luda 1 treat, twice-a-day (per the instructions) to start building up the active ingredient in his system. He loved the treat so giving it to him was no problem. Now, the 4th has come and gone and the results are in. When the fireworks began, all Luda did was look at my wife and I to see how we were reacting. We didn’t react and neither did he. And there was no trembling. It made for a "Happy 4th of July!"

Happy Customer, Plymouth, MN


Lucy is our six-year-old white lab that is always getting “hotspots”. She developed a very large area under her neck that was not healing. I started using Pet Club PCR products, starting with the Smart Hemp tincture two times a day. This really helped with her scratching. It wasn’t until I started using the Smart Hemp topical pet balm that I really started seeing some great results. The hotspots stopped oozing and smelling. I would recommend Pet Club PCR products and will continue to use them with Lucy.

Lori M., Minneapolis

This past weekend we were at the racetrack and my friends 80 pound dog hates storms and fireworks — and there were fireworks that evening.  I gave her some of my Smart Hemp stash and she said it worked wonders and is ready to purchase!  She did the drops and the gel pills - and she said Lilly did great.  When I saw Lilly later that night and she was super calm.  Normally she gives her 4 Benadryl and then she still shakes and really doesn’t work. I think your product is wonderful!

Denise H., Chicago