BlogIs there a difference between CBD for pets and “any CBD”?

In the span of 6-9 months, people’s awareness of the benefits of CBD overall, is up significantly — and interest in CBD for pets is increasing exponentially.

When we talk to people and monitor social media, we know confusion exists about CBD for pets. For instance:

  • It’s not uncommon for people to tell pet owners ‘all CBD is the same’ so go ahead and use it. (And not being able to tell them how to dose it)
  • Some people buy a CBD product at a local market and show an uploaded image asking: “is this okay for my pet?” because it isn’t labeled for pets.
  • Others upload an image of the label which clearly shows it’s a poor choice for pets. The label may make a medical claim, or call it a “food supplement” (which is against FDA regs) or shows the first ingredient as “pressed hemp seed oil” or some other ingredient that’s not good for a pet. (False claims, FDA labeling violations or ingredients that don’t identify CBD should make you wonder how much more the product marketer doesn’t know or is making up.)
  • Dosing questions we see online are good — and valid. Some replies say, “I give my pup 2-drops in the morning”. Great… two drops of “what”? Is their pet a 125-pound Bernese Mountain Dog or a 4-pound Yorkshire Terrier? And are they using 750mg or 100mg tincture? The specifics mean a lot!

People who know Smart Hemp CBD know we’ve worked with veterinarians, specialty formulators and have reviewed different studies using CBD with pets.

  • The dosing methodology we follow works well for pets. When we first started, we followed the DVM-derived formula that specifies starting low and working up if you don’t see the desired effects. One University study said (paraphrasing) “if your pet has never used CBD, start with a week-long “load dose” and back down by half week two and beyond”.
  • One person’s reaction: “I’ve never heard that – it doesn’t sound right!” The person originally asking about dosing responded: “I tried starting with the higher dose, and it worked, but the effect wore off after 4-5 hours. How can you say your dosing recommendations work?” We wrote back and said “aren’t you proving our point? If you started at the low end – as many people tell you — you wouldn’t have seen any results and would have stopped, right?” The reply was “you’re right, I would have quit!”
  • Our second point is – follow the dosing recommendations we provide, which is based on your pet’s weight – but remember, all pets are different – you may need to adjust up or down a bit – or give your pet a small additional amount of CBD during the day. If you stay within the general guidelines, you should be fine.

Why Smart Hemp CBD is a superior product.

  1. We spent considerable time vetting suppliers at the forefront of ingredient quality, formulation expertise and with working relationships with veterinarians, scientists and medical researchers.
  2. Our principal supplier has been a pioneer in establishing cannabis transparency standards and their own transparency reporting. As such, quality, purity and safety are guaranteed with Smart Hemp CBD products.
  3. Our supplier sets the bar incredibly high and offers us more than typical Certificates of Assurance, but also Certificates of Origin — providing us visibility to the source of Industrial Hemp … from “seed to final product” … along with laboratory testing for the absence of contaminants.
  4. Lastly, our supplier is currently working with three different universities to test the delivery methods, therapeutic efficacy, cellular uptake, and ‘patient’ responses to various cannabinoid treatments. The resulting study data will help physicians, researchers, care providers, lawmakers, and manufacturers in areas such as product development, treatment planning, policy-making and regulatory oversight.

“But, you ask – how does this impact Smart Hemp CBD for pets?”
Their efforts are impacting every facet of the cannabis industry – and as such, impact the development of CBD specifically for pets — with the Smart Hemp CBD label.

When companies such as those in the multi-level marketing space and other generic brands start telling consumers “all CBD is the same”, that’s not really true.

Full Spectrum vs. “What”?

Again, online discussions say: “if it doesn’t say full spectrum, don’t get it! It’s no good!” Well, they’re not quite right!

  • They don’t know about the manufacture of the product they’re considering.

People tout one extraction process over the other – often times saying one in particular is the best because it uses no solvents. In fact, all extraction involves solvents – but the good companies fully remove it … leaving a pure, high quality CBD. The fact is – a good extractor is able to pull a full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes from industrial hemp – and separate them so they can build the specific profile (or spectrum) needed for a specific product.

  • What’s unique about Smart Hemp CBD is, we offer both full spectrum products and what we might call “specialty spectrum” or “focused spectrum” because we combine specific cannabinoids (CBD for example) with other specifically cataloged terpenes and carrier oils needed to address specific conditions a pet owner wants to address. Yes, we provide full-spectrum tinctures, but also specific spectrum products for specific purposes. All for pets and animals!

There is a difference!
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Final notes:

  • We are careful not to make medical claims and include the FDA disclaimer that: “Smart Hemp CBD and all CBD products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease”.
    We do not to use terms like “therapeutic” and no longer will list ingredients as “active and inactive”.
  • We remind people – not ignore serious conditions or ignore your vet’s advice. Don’t stop seeing your vet. If your vet isn’t ready to embrace CBD, that’s okay because you are responsible for your pet’s well-being and need to be vigilant with whatever you give your pet. And, you can also seek out a vet who more readily embraces CBD and other natural care for pets.
  • We continue to receive tremendous response from customers about the quality of Smart Hemp CBD and are happy to have a significant repeat customer base.

If you’re new to Smart Hemp CBD, we welcome you to the family. If you’re already a customer, we thank you for your support.

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